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Event Managment is the core service we offer with team experience of 30 years altogether.

Event Management

As a company, you need to ensure that every rupee you spend on an event provides a tangible return. We understand that on a daily basis, events compete with many other initiatives within your organization to prove their value and justify their existence. The WFB team can assist you in developing a business case for your event and delivering an event that exceeds expectations. Whether you need to generate sales leads, build client loyalty, increase employee morale or celebrate an important milestone, the WFB team possesses the event management expertise and business background to ensure your event is a success.

WFB Events Team

The WFB team can provide a full range of services to deliver a wide variety of corporate events:
Internal board or employee meetings & retreats
Corporate celebrations (Awards, anniversaries, milestone celebrations)
Brand launches
Client appreciation events
Employee appreciation events
Employee milestone events
Educational or informational client events
Business development events or trips
Sales or hospitality trips (destination events)

Event Operations & Logistics

Event operations and logistics is where all the time spent planning the event comes together in the execution of the event.
Site layout
Map designs
Set up and tear down
Overall event management

Crisis Management Planning

WFB teams years of experience have provided it the opportunity to not only develop but refine its emergency plan, which is an ever-evolving document. Our prior experiences have given us the opportunity have a solid PR plan in place, along with prepared statements and responses to the public and participants. The communication, implementation of the plan and ensuring all the little things are covered are all key elements involved.
Permits and City Liaison

Knowing where to We can help secure the proper permits needed to stage the event along with working closely with city officials on the event logistics.
Develop a plan to efficiently move participants and or spectators between venues, from aiport to hotel along with securing the vehicles needed to handle the job.

Our Roles as event Manager

Budget Management
Establish a sound budget and accurately maintain it
Help monitor all expenses
Help maximize all revenue streams
Signage Planning
We create a cohesive identity for events using signage to highlight sponsors, direct participants and spectators, and inform people of activities/events taking place.
Vendor Negotiations & Relationships
With WFB team’s years of experience, we understand how to negotiate favorable contracts for our clients along with building strong relationships with the vendors to help form great partnerships between the vendor and the client.
Volunteer Management
Staging a large event takes the help of many volunteers and it is important to have a strong organizational system in place.
Assist in volunteer recruitment
Develop organizational chart
Coordinate volunteer meetings
Coordinate volunteer training sessions

The Events We Conceptualise and Manage for our clients